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How to Have the Best Student Christmas Dinner

Christmas is the time of year for good food, great company, and fun times. Unless we’re talking about Christmas in a student house, then it’s burnt grub, forced jolliness, and fighting flatmates…right? But we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like this! With a... read more

How should students split the bills?

Goodbye to single beds, goodbye to ugly pin boards, goodbye to tricky showers, and goodbye to the most basic kitchens you’ll probably come across. Now you’re moving out of student halls and into your first house/flat with your mates – it’s all very exciting. What... read more

Ways to earn a little extra money

As a student myself, I know first-hand how much of a struggle it is to find time to earn money, especially when our social lives are forever demanding and our hangovers tend to come first! Even so, the burden of student bills and other expenses never leave us. Luckily... read more

Finding more time for fun at uni

Going to university is a big life decision and completed studies do open up a whole new world of lucrative careers. However, whilst striving for that first class degree of your dreams is admirable, if the only memories you have to look back on are of the deadlines and... read more

Skint and bored over summer?

As students, we all look forward to the summer, but a couple weeks in it can become very boring, especially when you run out of money! I’ve come up with some ideas that might spice up your summer without breaking the bank. Come Dine With Me – This will obviously incur... read more

11 Sites Every Student Should Know About

From trouble sleeping or studying, to funny comics and easy-to-make cocktails, we’ve got you covered. myfridgefood.com The website is genius for when you open your fridge and think, “What the heck am I actually going to eat tonight?”. Simply select all the things you... read more