One fixed monthly payment for your utilities.

Split the bills equally between housemates, and avoid arguments.

Student Offer

  • No management fees
  • No bill share fees
  • No bill splitting fees

Making student living that much easier - from unlimited gas and electricity, to your broadband, TV & water, all in one fixed monthly bill.

One fixed monthly payment

Avoid high unexpected bills by paying the same fixed amount each month, as well as having the flexibility of choosing your payment date.

Split bill payments between housemates

Easily manage and equally split the bill payments between your housemates, for free, and only pay for your portion of bills.

Unlimited energy for your comfort

Just like an unlimited phone contract, use as much as you need. No debt at the end of your package for going over an energy allowance.

1-hour broadband delivery window

No-one wants to wait indoors all day for a parcel, so we’ve partnered with DPD to give you 1-hour delivery windows.

No management or bill splitting fees

For 2019, all students pay no management fees or bill splitting fees on contracts for 10 months or more! Take advantage of our student offer today!

Super-fast broadband

Fast and reliable. We work with both Sky and Virgin Media to give you the best online experience, available for your property.

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We pay all the bills so you have more time to do what you love.

Our team is available 6 days a week, before or after lectures, for your convenience.

You can choose to include just energy right up to the full works.


Unlimited broadband with power. You can watch telly on demand, stream your favourite music, download large files, access your emails without running out of data, and connect multiple devices. Our broadband plans are perfect for student houses.

Unlimited Gas

Fuel your house with warmth without the worry of usage allowances or limits. No more surprises of high unexpected bills, when turning the heating on or having that extra bath, so you can fully unwind. Just the convenience of one fixed monthly payment.

Unlimited Electricity

Whether gaming or Netflix binging we will keep your device connected, charged and the lights on. No matter how many times the kettle is boiled or devices you have plugged in you will only pay the one fixed monthly payment.


Bath or shower? Whichever you prefer we'll keep it flowing. Every home will have a water supply, supplied by the local water provider. A water bill will cover the costs of taking water from the natural environment, filtering, cleaning and pumping it to your home as well as sewerage disposal cost.

TV Licence

If you watch or record live programmes, download or watch BBC shows on iPlayer you’ll need one of these. Unlike the name suggests a TV Licence is required whether you watch on any device such as a laptop, mobile, or games console. Failure to produce one can result in fines up to £1000.

TV Packages

We have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to be inspired, educated or entertained we have the package for you through partnerships with both Virgin Media and Sky TV. Unwind on your days off with a documentary or have your mates over for live footy.

Simply, one fixed monthly bill payment for your utilities with no surprises, so you can focus on what matters most to you. Share the bills equally between your housemates and avoid chasing friends for missed or late payments. We can’t help you study, but we can get your utilities, broadband, and TV sorted for your new place.

With your online dashboard, you can manage your account at any time, anywhere, using any device.