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Student bills with less stress

One monthly payment with Fused is the easiest way to split the bills with your housemates.

Jake, Customer Support Team Leader
Pay for your slice

You pay your bit. That's it.

No more drama over bill payments. Bundle your bills and split them between you housemates and pay your share from your account each month.  Keep the group chat chill and let us manage the boring stuff. And there's nothing to pay 'til your tenancy starts!

100% unlimited energy

Use as much energy as you need with no surprise over-usage fees! Just like an unlimited mobile contract, you can use as much gas and electricity you use, the price stays the same. There’s none of this extra charge nonsense, just stress-free energy.

Our broadband offer

Speedy streaming

Our superfast broadband options have you covered, whether you're studying, scrolling or streaming. You can add Sky TV into the mix too, if you like... Our broadband delivery is free and always comes with a one-hour delivery window, so you don't have to sit around waiting for us.

What you get from Fused

The best thing about Fused is that if we're doing our job, you don't notice what we're doing at all. Here's a breakdown of how many bills and calls you don't need to deal with every year: 

⚡️Electricity: 12  

🔥Gas: 12  

🚰Water: 3  

📺TV licence: 2 

💻Broadband: 14 

☎️We also make more than 20 calls to suppliers for you, and query 1 in 5 bills.  

That's a lot of time on the phone that you don't need to deal with.

Students choose us for a reason

Why students choose us

  • Unlimited energy
    • Just like an unlimited phone contract, use as much as you need and don’t get charged any extra.
  • Superfast broadband
    • Browse, stream, download, upload, binge, shop, do whatever... just a whole lot faster!
  • No management fees or hidden costs
    • We manage every part of your utilities, right down to the nitty-gritty and we don't charge you a penny for it. Super easy bill bundling.
  • Amazing customer service
    • Our TrustPilot and Google reviews speak for themselves. We're rated 4.8 on Trustpilot and 4.6 on Google. Head over to Trustpilot for the most up-to-date details of how much our customers love our sales and customer service humans.
  • No nasty final balance
    • All your utilities are taken care of in one simple monthly payment so you don't have to pay anything at the end of your contract.

No management fees or hidden costs

Setting up and managing household utilities can be a daunting task, which is why some companies will charge management fees - but not us. Leaving you more money for the things you love!
Fused Bills Manish, Senior Developer

Pick 'n' mix your package

We offer a great range of services which you can pick 'n' mix from, the only thing we do ask is that you take on energy, but how can a house live without that?

Unlimited gas & electricity
Unlimited gas & electricity
Superfast broadband
Superfast broadband
TV licence & packages
TV licence & packages
Unlimited water
Unlimited water

You have control

Manage your account and submit meter readings anytime, anywhere and using any device! We even have a helpful customer support team on hand to assist you 6 days a week should you need it. Just another way we make utilities easy for students.

The verdict:

"The customer service is so good! After having to move flat due to flooding the team were so happy to help make the process of transferring our account to the new property and made sure we were ok! The prices are better than other companies and having everything in one package makes it so much easier to deal with. I'd definitely recommend this company to anyone!"

The verdict:

"Customer service always been good, never had to pay additional charges or overpay for things. Very easy to set up too. Best shared bills company you can get."

The verdict:

"Really easy to use and set up, friendly staff on the phone and a lifesaver to split bills and not worry about it all coming out of one account or having multiple accounts for different companies!"

The verdict:

"Best joint bills company I've ever had the pleasure to use. Customer support is the best I've had anywhere and the deals there offer are great too! Would highly recommend! In fact, I have recommended them to many of my friends! Thank you fused bills!"

The verdict:

“Setting up with fused was really easy and not having to worry about bills every month is really good especially with 6 housemates! They have great customer service and fast responses!”
Phoebe, Google review

The verdict:

Using fused makes it so simple and easy to spread all bills equally between all housemates. They deal with all the utilities and communications, so it’s an added plus that companies are not contacting you all the time about deals or upgrades.

The verdict:

Really easy! Everyone in the house pays their own monthly split so there is no need to be chasing everyone up to pay you back.

The verdict:

"…made the entire process so straightforward and far less scary than it initially seemed. Now our bills are sorted and we have no need to worry!"

The verdict:

"I have been with fused for the past two properties I have rented and have always received the best service throughout with no troubles."

The verdict:

"Have been with fused for 6 months now and has been the best and easiest way to do our bills in a student house!"

The verdict:

"Fused as a whole is a great company and the staff are just as amazing"

The verdict:

"Joined fused as students in a 5 bed flat and would definitely recommend."

The verdict:

"Fused have been great for us, student house for 2 years and never had any issues. Thanks guys!"

The verdict:

"Been with fused for a year and just signed on for another year. Set up all worked smoothly and have had no problem with utilities this year. Phone is always answered with cheer and they’ve been very understanding about the energy crisis."

The verdict:

"Made everything so easy and convenient to set up and view especially as a house share of 4 people!"

The verdict:

"As it was my first time getting bills sorted, I had a lot of questions. However, Dylan answered all of them and helped me and my flat mates get a great quote. Very patient and kind. Will definitely use for the rest of my time at university."

Get a quick quote

Tell us how many people will be in your house, what utilities you need and we’ll show you how much it will cost in just 1 minute!

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