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Fused now offers Unlimited Renewable Energy, with 100% renewable electricity from our energy partners 🌱

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What's an unlimited energy tariff?

An Unlimited Energy tariff is what it sounds like - unlimited electricity and gas usage! You pay the same price every month and can use all the gas and electricity you need. No worries about about energy costs or obsessively watching the smart meter.

Unlimited energy tariffs aren't available directly from suppliers, only from services like Fused.

Why is an Unlimited Energy deal good for students? 

It simplifies the most expensive utility bill

Bills are a common cause ofarguments in a student house.

  • They make up a big chunk of your monthly expenses, and energy is usually the most expensive.
  • The good news is you can take any stress about energy use OFF the list with an Unlimited Energy deal(with 100% renewable electricity).

Use as much energy as you need with no stress

  • An unlimited tariff means you won't get a bill at the end of your contract if you use more power than your supplier thought you would. Great news, given that 52% of students avoid putting the heat on to save money according to Save the Student 😔
    • This makes your finances more predictable.
    • You know you won't get a huge bill from the energy company at the end of the year, so you don't need to set money aside "just in case", get into debt, or mess up your credit score by getting into arrears.
  • No stress about bills means no stress about energy use, e.g. the amounts of energy your housemates are using for their baths, showers, chargers, consoles, lights...anything, really.

  • And if you have an Unlimited Energy deal from Fused, all your bills will be in one easy monthly payment, making finances even less stressful.

  • If you've got a mobile contract with unlimited data, calls and messages you already know how this works. There's no surprise bill later, because everything is covered in one monthly payment.
Get a quote for an Unlimited Energy bills package

What to look for in an Unlimited Energy package:

  • Make sure the package is actually unlimited. Some suppliers have clauses that limit the "unlimited" deal.
  • Check out student bills specialists who give a discount, like £0 management fees for students.

What's the difference between capped and unlimited energy packages?

This is a bit complicated, so bear with us. 

How traditional capped energy bills are priced

  • Energy suppliers base your monthly energy bill on your estimated energy usage, based on the typical energy usage for a household of your size.
  • Then they calculate the energy price based on the energy tariff you sign up for, which tells them the cost for the energy you'll use over your contract.
  • Your energy provider takes this estimated energy price and breaks it into monthly payments, which cover an equal portion of your total energy allowance for your contract.
  • Basically it's like having a capped data allowance in your mobile phone contract.  
  • Every time you shower, charge your phone or watching TV your energy meter will log your usage, and your supplier will bill you if you go over that allowance, which can be a stressful idea if money is tight.
    • There's also the option to pay for the energy you use each month, but that gets very expensive in winter, so most people choose to split their payments over the year to make things easier to manage.
    • If your smart meter or meter readings show higher energy usage than your supplier estimated, you get a bill for the extra energy at the end of your contract, or they might increase your monthly payment part way through your contract.

Quick energy tariff explainer

  • An energy tariff is an agreed price per unit of energy (kWh) that you choose when you sign up with an energy supplier. This is the price you'll pay for the whole of your energy contract. 
  • Traditionally, there are two types of energy tariff: fixed tariff and variable tariff. Both include a price per kWh and a daily standing charge, which is a few pence each day paid for having an energy supply at your address.
    • You can usually choose a type of tariff when you sign up, but during the energy crisis, fixed tariffs weren't available for a while and everybody was on a variable tariff.
    • Find out more about variable tariffs and the energy market at our price cap explainer.

Unlimited Energy tariffs work totally differently

Unlimited Energy means you can use all the energy you want and pay the same each month. 

This means no stress about using 'too much' energy, or struggling to stay warm in winter.

A graph titled "Total package price". An unlimited energy package has a bar on the left about half way up the "Price" axis. A capped bar on the right shows a smaller bar than unlimited at first, but a flaming add on labelled "overuse" takes the cost high

To go back to mobile contract comparisons, this is like a capped contract. You get a super cheap offer, but maybe only 1GB of data, which is easy to go over. A cheaper initial price doesn't mean you're going to get what you need.

A graph titled 'capped package' showing time vs. stress levels - a melodramatic student in the bottom right corner screams and looks at the sky. The highest point is "credit rating affected if you can't pay the bills"

Fused bills is one of only a few services offering Unlimited Energy. It's something you can't get directly from a supplier, and you can't even get it from every bills package service! 

A graph titled "unlimited energy package" showing time vs. stress levels. This time the line is flat, with the final step being a good credit rating. A chilled student in the bottom right listens to music on her headphones.

What are the benefits of an Unlimited Energy student bills package?

An Unlimited Energy deal gives you:

  • As much energy as you need to use in a predictable monthly cost ⚡️
  • 100% renewable electricity from our energy partners
  • No surprise charges at the end of your contract - no nasty bill shock! 🤯
  • An easier time managing your budget 😌
  • Peace of mind and no watching the smart meter✌️
  • No arguing with housemates over owing money or leaving the lights on ☮️

A table comparing all of the listed points above to a capped package. The only "tick" a capped energy package has in its column is that it's cheaper up front.

Sound good? Get a quote or find out more about Unlimited Energy.

A quick Unlimited Energy video explainer


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