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How to make your hair routine eco-friendly

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Woke up with a 'fro that's a big no? Check out our tips to sleek out your morning hair routine!

We’ve all been the victim of a bad hair day, and you just don’t know what to do with your hair. The issue is even bigger now that Kendall Jenner has claimed hats are out of fashion - meaning there are even fewer options for us to fix our 'do'.

But, there's no need to stress! Check out our quick tips on how to fix your hair AND be eco-friendly:

  • Turn down the heat - hot straighteners might be even worse for your hair than they are for the environment. We’ve all seen the viral video of the girl burning her hair off with her straighteners, so don’t end up like her and turn yours down! Your hair and the environment will thank you.

  • Choose a low maintenance hairstyle that doesn't involve lots of time straightening or curling in the morning. More time in the morning = longer in bed!

  • Switch your shower head to an eco-friendly shower head which will reduce your water consumption, and try to spend less time in the shower. We all know by now that ‘rinse and repeat’ is just a trick by shampoo and conditioner companies to get you to buy more!

  • Use an eco-friendly hairdryer - lots of hairdryers now come with eco-friendly settings and even in recycled packaging. Use this excuse to treat yourself to a new one and increase your energy efficiency!

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