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5 energy saving myths DEBUNKED


We’re always hearing tips and tricks on how to save energy and be more environmentally friendly; but just because your best pal told you so, it doesn’t mean it’s true. We’ve put together the top 5 myths you’ve probably already heard and maybe even believed.

It’s estimated that 40% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from households. It’s time to start playing your part for the environment, with tips that are proven to work! Are you ready?

MYTH 1: It’s better to leave the heating on all day at a lower temperature

It’s the one we’ve all heard, and the one we’ve probably all fallen for. There’s a huge misconception that leaving your heating on at a lower temperature all day uses less energy than setting a timer. It’s far more environmentally friendly to set a timer on your thermostat and only heat the rooms you need.

MYTH 2: You don’t need to unplug your device, just switch it off

Oh no, Joey - you’re so wrong! If your device is plugged in, it’s still using energy - they called this ‘vampire’ energy for a reason. The same applies to chargers - even if you’re no longer charging your phone, your charger will still use energy when it's plugged in. It’s simple. Finished? Unplug! 

MYTH 3: Flicking the light switch uses energy, so it’s best to just leave the lights on

Okay okay, there may be a spike in energy usage when you flick a switch, but it’s TINY. It’s far less than having your lights on all day. Make sure you’re using LED energy-saving bulbs, and keep turning the lights off once you’re done. It’s the little things that make such a big difference.

MYTH 4: If it’s cold, you should turn your radiator setting up to maximum

So many people believe that when the room is cold, it's best to turn the radiator thermostat up to the max so the room heats faster. Doing this won’t increase the speed. It simply means that your radiator won’t switch off when it reaches a certain temperature, so you’ll end up with a sauna for a room and lots of energy wasted. It’s much more efficient to set your radiator to number 3 - you’ll reach a toasty 18-20 degrees and the radiator will maintain that level. Much better!

MYTH 5: Wash smaller loads of laundry - it saves energy

The washing machine; the most frequently used appliance in the home. Whispers on the street claim that washing a smaller load means less energy will be used. BUT, washing full loads actually uses far less energy than washing two small loads. If your machine has full load and half load settings, make use of it! You can also consider washing your clothes less. Instead, hang clothes up to air off after use. Less laundry = more time for the fun stuff!

Looking for a little more on how to save energy? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch on [email protected].

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