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Energy bills, without the stress

As well as splitting your payments equally to avoid housemate drama, we also manage suppliers for you, which is especially important at the moment.We're actively trying to get the best deal for our customers throughout the energy crisis, saving them time and hassle on the phone to their supplier.There's tons of other good stuff too. Unlimited energy, anyone?
Fused Bills Manish, Senior Developer

Relax, it’s unlimited energy

On our unlimited energy package, you and your housemates can use as much electricity and gas as you need to, without worrying about how it will affect your payments, any over use charges, or nasty surprise bills.

100% renewable energy as standard

If you sign up to energy from our partner, Octopus Energy, your electricity is generated through a variety of renewable sources - from wind farms to solar power! It’s then packaged up and supplied directly to your home.

Why is it worth switching to renewable energy? Well, without getting too sciencey; solar and wind power don’t release any C02, the greenhouse gas to blame for global warming. The alternative to renewable energy is getting power from burning fossil fuels which hold a huge amount of trapped carbon, which releases when burned - causing an increase in CO2 which contributes to a warmer planet and rising sea levels.

The energy you choose to use has a big impact on the environment, which is why all of our packages from Octopus include 100% renewable electricity to contribute to a better environment.

Get your quote in two minutes

Just tell us how many people will be in your house, what utilities you'd like in your package, and we'll let you know how much you'll each pay in less than two minutes!

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