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Who are you

Are you building a personal brand online?

Aug 06, 2019

Have you ever thought about what the internet says about you? Maybe you should...

Plastic free july

#PlasticFreeJuly tips on how to reduce plastic in your life

Jul 22, 2019

Whether you go completely plastic free this month or you just want to reduce your carbon footprint slightly, here's 20 things you can do.

Save energy 3 jpg

Quick ways to save energy this summer

Jul 17, 2019

Thinking about making changes to your energy consumption? Check out these quick ways and easy ways to cut down your bills!


Best summer film releases 2019

Jul 08, 2019

From thrilling horrors to re-vamped Disney classics to action-filled comedies, this is what you can expect from this summer in the cinemas.

Summer money

5 easy ways to make some extra money this summer

Jul 03, 2019

Looking to gain those £££ this summer? Here's what you can do!


Benefits of a pooch in the workplace!

Jul 02, 2019

A dog isn't just for Christmas, they're for life and they should definitely be for the workplace!

Life hacks blog image

Insanely inventive student hacks

Jul 01, 2019

We love student creativity. Get inspired with some of the best hacks out there!


Win the ultimate clean for your home!

Jun 27, 2019

Getting tired of having to do all the cleaning in the house by yourself? Win a super-clean with Fused!


Top tips for a smashing barbecue

Jun 27, 2019

Who doesn't love a barbecue?! Here's out top tips to make your barbecue stand out!

Cleaning tricks image

Cheap ways to keep your house clean

Jun 19, 2019

Cheap and easy ways to clean with just a couple of household items!


Festival survival kit #studentsurvival

Jun 17, 2019

Heading to a music festival this summer? Check out our tips on what to pack and not forget!


Top summer events unveiled

Jun 14, 2019

Looking for an unforgettable summer? Check out these great events!

Fathers day

Best last-minute Father’s Day gifts

Jun 11, 2019

Struggling to find the perfect Father's Day gift? Check out our top tips!


Complete Moving-in Guide Part 2

Jun 10, 2019

Just moved-in? Find out what you need to do first thing after arriving in your new student house.

Moving in blog

Complete Moving-in Guide Part 1

Jun 07, 2019

A useful list of things to remember before moving into your new property.


Gay Pride fun facts you didn't know #LGBTQ+

Jun 01, 2019

June is the official Pride month and we've got some fun facts for you!


Best podcasts to listen to right now

May 31, 2019

We've asked our Fused staff about their favourite podcasts and this is what they told us...

Student duties blog image jpg

How to nail your student duties

May 28, 2019

Chores, money issues, bills... Nobody likes that! Luckily, we're here to help with super useful tips to become a student superhero on all fronts!

TV bundle image

Fancy a TV bundle?

May 24, 2019

If you want to include a TV bundle in your Fused package but are not sure about which one, you have come to the right place!


Let's talk about TV Licence

May 20, 2019

TV Licence is often a sore topic in student houses as the fee to be paid is not exactly low. We are here to explain when and why you need one, which should make your decisions easier.


Broadband 101

May 17, 2019

Everything you need to know about broadband and how to decide which package to get in one handy blog...

ARGUMENTS image blog

Student bills and other house arguments

May 14, 2019

Most common student house arguments and advice on how to avoid them. From student bills to cleaning rota, we have 5 top tips on surviving house sharing for you!


Top 7 self-care tips for exam season

May 08, 2019

Already feeling stressed and the revision has not even started yet? Then you need to read our tips for self-care!

Meter reading blog jpg

The ultimate meter reading guide

May 07, 2019

Everything you need to know about electric and gas meter readings...

Emily blog

Catch that mouse! #studentsurvival

May 02, 2019

Living in a student house brings all kinds of unpleasant experiences. Emily shares her mice nightmare and positive Fused experience...


First-time renting made easier #studentsurvival

Apr 29, 2019

First-time renting can be overwhelming. Read Ashleigh's story on how Fused helped to make the process a whole lot easier!


The bills package to keep you warm and cosy #studentsurvival

Apr 26, 2019

We love hearing from our customers about how Fused has helped make surviving University that little bit easier; so we met up with some of them to find out for ourselves...


10 weirdest Easter traditions from around the world

Apr 17, 2019

Easter isn't just chocolate and eggs for everyone. Read about how other cultures celebrate this holiday.


Spring clean with the KonMari Method

Apr 15, 2019

Bring order into your life with this new and trendy KonMari method of tidying!


Top Netflix picks right now #studentsurvival

Apr 12, 2019

If you’re looking for a new show to binge-watch, look no further! We’ve got the hottest picks from the Netflix roster right here for you...


Will you move in with me? Valentine's Day low down...

Feb 14, 2019

We've outlined everything money related that you should discuss with your 'bae' before you decide to pack your bags and move into your love-nest!


Finding more time for fun at University

Feb 08, 2019

University is about so much more than the degree. Gaining full independence, meeting people from different backgrounds, trying new things, and making new friends and memories which will, hopefully, last a lifetime. So, here are some simple top tips to help give you as much free time as possible…


How to do your bit to save the planet

Feb 06, 2019

Saving the planet is something regularly in the news, and although here at Fused we offer you Unlimited Energy so you can use as much or as little as you need; it's still important to look after our planet so here are some ways you can save energy!


Ways to earn a little extra money at Uni

Jan 30, 2019

Want a few extra pennies for those Friday night pints? Or those late night cinema trips? We've got you covered! Find out some ways you could make some more dollar...


When should students split bills?

Jan 28, 2019

We’ve split the bills into different categories, giving you advice on how best to go about splitting different kinds of bills with your housemates.


Revision tips for those dreaded exams

Jan 22, 2019

We all know the struggle is real when it comes to finding motivation to do revision so we've put together some grade-saving tips to make your revision as painless as possible!