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Why has my price changed during my contract?


The energy crisis means we've changed a couple of things.

Energy prices are changeable at the moment, and so our normal offer of fixed prices for your whole contract is something we're not able to promise. 

There are two reasons your price might change:

  1. If the OFGEM price cap rises in October ‘22, energy prices will rise for all energy suppliers. We’ll have to raise prices too. However, we’ve added a new clause to our contracts for 2022 to help with this. If you want to leave because of this price rise, you can and we won’t charge you. You just need to give us 30 days notice.

  2. The good news is that prices could go down too. We'll switch everybody to a cheaper tariff with our partner Octopus Energy as soon as the cheaper tariffs are available.

Important to know: 

This FAQ only applies if you signed up on or after April 1st 2022. If you signed up before it doesn’t apply to your contract.

Broadband suppliers may charge for breaking the contract early. 

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