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At Fused Bills we know the world has changed; people want things to be simple and to happen fast. Our customers don’t have the time to be sorting out loads of different bills and chasing housemates. All that hassle is stressful and complicated, people are demanding change – and so they should!

We’re on a mission to make bills simple and easy, freeing you up to spend more time on the things you love.

So, how does that work?

It’s simple, you can see us as your own personal assistant: we will find the best providers for your broadband, TV, gas, electricity, water and TV licence, cancel your old contracts, and set up your new connections. We’ll even chase those housemates who haven’t paid their bill, so that you don’t have to!

All you have to do is send one monthly payment to one company. Easy.

You just need to select the services you want then we find the best deal for you and take care of all the administration.

You only pay for what you use as we all know that students like to save the pennies (or spend them on nights out) so to make sure you don’t get hit with a massive unexpected energy bill at the end of the tenancy, we add an extra 15% allowance onto the average energy usage.

90% of our customers who provide meter readings get a refund for all unused allowance.

We also give you the choice of whether you want to split the bills between housemates or make one payment between you.

How do I get signed up?

What are you waiting for?

To sum up, we can sort your superfast broadband, TV, gas, electricity, water and TV licence. All you need to do is send one monthly payment to one company. And, if you like, we can split the bills between you and your housemates.

To top it all off, we guarantee that your energy bill will be cheaper than the Big Six, you’ll only ever pay for what you use, and we’ll send you a free moving in gift!

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We ensure all our customers get great value for money.

It only takes a couple of minutes to get you started!

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