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Superfast broadband and epic TV

Speedy streaming, studying and scrolling

You've got access to some of the best broadband partners when you sign up with Fused, which means superfast Internet and amazing TV packages for you and your housemates. Virgin Media, Cuckoo Broadband, and Sky all provide an outstanding service to make sure you stay connected all year. And we're here to deal with the suppliers for you, so all you need to do is get streaming (and maybe let an engineer in for depends!)
Fused Bills Ben, Customer Operations Team Leader

Stay connected with our Wi-Fi

Get online with our partners Sky Virgin Media, or Cuckoo broadband. They all offer superfast speeds and unlimited downloads, so you don't have to worry about bandwidth whether you're studying or streaming. With Fused you can pick a broadband packge that suits what you and your housemates are likely to need, so you're not paying for something that doesn't work for you. Whether you have 1 housemate or 10, we have a broadband package that'll fit.

TV packages

Why not get a boredom buster with your broadband? 100s of movies, entertainment channels and documentaries sound good? If you get broadband, you can add a TV package so you've always got something to do, and some entertainment that's not staring at your laptop or phone screen. Bonus! There's live TV, catch-up and box sets included. Sky TV also has the option to add Sky Sports for streaming the action live, and you can add Sky Movies for a living room cinema scenario. 

Good to know: The TV package you can get will depend on the broadband provider you go with.

Get your quote in two minutes

Just tell us how many people will be in your house, what utilities you'd like in your package, and we'll let you know how much you'll each pay in less than two minutes!

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