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Terms & Conditions 2022

Fused Bills Shay, Operations Director

Refer A Friend Bonus 2022

  1. The Promoter is: One Utility Bill Ltd (company no. 9534085) whose registered office is at 5 Media Exchange, Coquet Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2QB

  2. The Refer a Friend bonus (referred to hereafter as Bonus) is a monetary reward, which will be paid to the Referrer, with an additional reward paid to the person they refer (the Referee).

  3. Our current refer a friend Bonus is as follows: The person you refer will always get £25 and you get:

    1.  £25 if you refer 1 person (i.e. you’ll be sharing £50 between you)
    2.  £35 if you refer 2 people (i.e. sharing £60)
    3.  £55 if you refer 3 people (i.e. sharing £80)
    4.  £125 if you refer 4 people (i.e. sharing £150)
    5.  £175  if you refer 5 people (i.e. sharing £200)
    6.  £175 for every person thereafter too (i.e. for the 6th person, you’ll get another £175 etc)
  1. The Bonus is subject to the following eligibility qualifications:

    1. Any person who has a customer dashboard with One Utility Bill qualifies for this Bonus (if you have received a quote for One Utility Bill services). Referees must not be an existing One Utility Bill customer. We reserve the right to verify Referrers and Referees.
    2. You cannot refer Yourself, or Your housemate(s)

    3. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer

    4. This Bonus is based on a first come first serve basis. You will not be rewarded with the Bonus for referring an individual who has already agreed terms for a new package.

    5. You agree that upon referring your Referee, they will be contacted by a One Utility Bill employee.

    6. The Bonus will be paid into Your given bank account and into the Referee’s given bank account, once the One Utility Bill package of your Referee has started and is outside the 14 day cooling off period. 

    7. To receive the Bonus, you will need to contact One Utility Bill Customer Support Team. 

    8. The Referee must be a new customer to One Utility Bill. You cannot refer an existing customer or anyone who’s used our service within the last 1 year.

    9. We must be satisfied that the Bonus has been earnt in good faith.

  2. One Utility Bill reserves the right to cancel or amend the Bonus and these Terms without notice. Any changes to this Bonus will be notified to participants as soon as possible by Us.


"We / Our / Us" - One Utility Bill Limited t/a One Utility Bill , company number 9534085  whose registered office is at 5 Media Exchange, Coquet Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2QB.

"You / Your" - The person or persons who occupy the Property and who complete the Sign Up Process.

"Sign Up Process" - The procedure which You follow to create an account for Your Property and each Occupier in the Property to enable You to receive the Services from Us.

“Referrer” - The person who refers a person to One Utility Bill

“Referee” - The person who has been referred for the Bonus

“Bonus” - Refers to the refer a friend bonus, set out in Clause 3

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