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Will you move in with me? Valentine's Day low down...

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Today’s the day, where all those who are loved up get showered in flowers, heart shaped chocolates and balloons, some even get popped THE question 💍...however, there’s another question which when in a relationship could actually be make or break - Will you move in with me? And then that’s when all the questions about money money money begin…

So, before you make that all important decision to pack your bags or if you already have and you’re thinking ‘how can I bring this up without causing an argument’ here’s some helpful tips and questions to ask your partner when it comes to money because love doesn’t pay the bills remember!

1.How can discussing money be less stressful? 😓

No matter your situation, money can be a very stressful thing to talk about. If you and your partner are going to be living under the same roof, getting your head around rent and bills is an inevitable part of home-sweet-home.

If discussing money makes you nervous or causes stress, find out ways that your partner can support you in these discussions. It should be a judgement-free zone to discover what you both need to feel supported and to be open and honest when it comes to breaking down the bills. You could take advice from a bill splitting company, like us, and we can break down your utility bills for you, for a predictable monthly cost which you can equally split with your partner so there are no arguments about who’s paying what and how much - the simple life! You can get a Fused quote here.

2. What is a priority for you to spend money on each month? 💰

Everyone has something they love to buy every month, be it a new dress for a night out, a new pair of boots for football or a night out with your mates, we all need a treat every now and then otherwise that pit of ‘I have no money to spend on myself’ can really get you down. Establish the things you can’t live without before those you are willing to compromise on, and that can help you both figure out a budget.

3.Do you have a ‘safety net’? 🏦

We get it - money can be very private and personal but if you’re sharing your life with your bae, it’s beneficial to discuss these matters at the start and outline what you are and aren’t paying for.

There is nothing wrong with being financially supported, having large savings account from the 3 jobs you’ve worked since University or to have zero money in your pension yet. We don’t need to be like those people who broadcast where their money comes from, however, sharing the state of your bank balance with your loved one can really help manage expectations when it comes to bill sharing.

4. What is your spending style? 🤑

HEY BIG SPENDER!! Do you splash the cash every time you see a clothing or shoe shop? Or do you save up for that one thing you’ve got your eye on to add to the ‘designer’ collection in your wardrobe? Or maybe you’re a jet-setter who enjoys seeing the cities in the world, either way, knowing your spending styles can help break down how you’re going to manage rent and bills!

No one’s going to judge you for the amount you spend on make-up or buying the new pair of Yeezys when they’re released - however, bills need to come first, after all everyone wants a cooked dinner and a shower at the end of a 9-5. 

5. What are your expenses? 💳

It’s time to outline any debts, student loans, credit cards, children, subscriptions etc that you may have. Discussing these with your partner can really help you manage your money, as they may be willing to cover slightly more of the bills whilst you pay off a loan or any debt. Being open and honest about what you need to spend your money on will help determine a financial common ground.

6. What do we both make and what makes sense? 💑

Depending on what you both make each month, what works for your relationship may not work for other couples, and that’s ok. It could be that you pay rent and your partner pays the utilities. Perhaps your family have offered to cover the rent, and you are splitting the utilities, you can get a quote for this on our website, simply click here.

However you decide to split your bills in your new love nest, if you are renting and want to equally split your utility bills into a predictable monthly cost, you can get a free quote on our Fused website.

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