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What's coming up for Earth Week 2020

Student Life

Today marks Earth Day 2020 and the theme is climate change! With this being such an important topic and one very close to our hearts at Fused, we’re kicking off our Green Energy campaign this week!

We provide you with unlimited energy because our goal is to keep you warm and comfortable in your homes however we take pride in being able to care for the environment by committing to provide you with green energy. If you didn’t know, green energy is the best energy for the environment as it’s collected from renewable resources like sunlight, rain and the wind - meaning that all the energy is renewable! 

This is all made possible by our fantastic energy providers Octopus energy who we partnered with as our values strongly align with theirs. Octopus earned the Renewable Energy Association Company of the Year awards in 2019 for 'the company that's done the most in the past year to advance UK renewables' and most recently won the uSwitch Supplier of the Year 2020. If you want to check out more about Octopus then you can visit their website here

Keep an eye on our blog and all our social media this week as we’ll be releasing loads of content about how to make sure you’re being green at home, and there may be a competition thrown in there too so keep your eyes peeled for that as we’ll be giving you plenty of chances to get involved this week!

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