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Ways to earn a little extra money at Uni!

Money Saving
Student Life

We all know how much of a struggle it is to find time to earn extra money, especially at University when your social life is forever demanding and hangovers tend to come first! Even so, the burden of student bills and other expenses never leave. Luckily, I have found some quick fixes for students to earn a little extra cash – even if you are hungover!

Any old phones lying around?

Old phones are hidden gems and it’s time to find them! Carphone Warehouse offers a Trade-In service where you hand in your old phone in return for money! You can bag yourself a valuable amount. To find out how much yours could be worth visit their website search your device and get a valuation!

Online Surveys

Slouched on the sofa or in bed hungover, a few minutes clicking away at your laptop isn’t too much to ask, especially when you can earn £5 or more per survey. Research companies such as MySurvey, OnePoll and SurveyBods, as they are always looking for more people to answer their surveys and test new products. This is probably the easiest money you’ll ever make! Look at it this way: 4 surveys in 1 hour means you’ll be earning way more than the national minimum wage!


Did you know in a handful of cities around the U.K Fused employ Meteroos to go to student homes and take meter readings. To apply please email [email protected]

Become a Brand Ambassador

How do you like the sound of working from home, flexible hours and generous pay? If you’ve just gone ‘tick, tick, tick’ in your head then becoming a Brand Ambassador is the job for you! Campus Industries are always looking to hire confident and sociable Brand Ambassadors from all over the county to represent brands such as Virgin Media, Circle and LG! 


If you have a bike at university and this hasn’t crossed your mind yet then you are really robbing yourself of extra dosh – you could earn yourself up to £120 a day! Deliveroo offers flexible hours so no need to miss out on university or socials (it’s debatable which is more important). Deliveroo also offers little perks including a discount off Apple, Vue Cinema (handy when you have a tinder date) and restaurants – everything you want and need as a student.

There are hundreds of other ways students can earn money, but I’ve picked a variety so hopefully at least one will catch your eye and you’ll be raking in the cash in no time!

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