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Self Isolating: Do's and Don'ts

Student Life


Start your TikTok Career: If you’ve taken the first step into TikTok fame you’re probably trying to create a perfect viral video that will kickstart your whole influencer career and secure a BooHoo discount code. We’ve never learnt so many dances in the space of a week since year 7 P.E lessons but don’t stop as it’s great exercise! What would we actually do if we didn’t have TikTok during this time?

Try to keep up with uni work: Obviously, this isn’t first on the priority list now we’ve all been given extensions, but try to chip away at a bit of work each day so that you’ve not got everything to do in the last week. Try to do as best as you can with the resources you have at home and you’ll feel better for getting something finished!

Prepare for summer: As soon as this is over we’re not planning on leaving Spoons for a very long time. This is your time to work out, eat healthily, give your hair a break from all the straightening and use every facemask you can find in the house! We’re walking into quarantine looking like a 4 and walking out a definite 7.5.

Download house party and keep in touch with friends: We all laughed about it years ago, but now we’re realising house party could be the best app ever invented? If it’s not playing cards against humanity with your mates, it’s ‘sneaking’ into the chat full of the group of the lads you fancy and comparing notes about their chat with the girls afterwards. This may have just changed our lives.


Shave your head: Boys - we’re looking at you. We’re all for expressing yourself and trying new things but there’s a weird trend happening across the nation. We know you can’t go to the barbers but please leave your hair alone, we promise a bald head isn’t going to look good for facetime dates.

Binge all your shows in one day: Our hearts broke too when we heard Eastenders was only going to show two episodes a week. You might be tempted to take a full day to binge-watch a whole episode of your favourite show, and we can't lie we have done the same. Try to save some episodes for another day though!

Text your ex:

Just. Don’t. Do. It.

Get too down about things: When everything seems so uncertain things can start taking a toll on your mental health. Try not to get too obsessed with reading every news update or panic buying groceries. Instead, take a break. Make sure you’re getting some fresh air outside, and finally sorting out those little jobs around your house you never seem to get time to fix! Spend quality time with your siblings and parents too...because when will we ever get so much time at home again?

One last tip from us: at Fused, we want to say a huge thank you to everybody who's been staying at home and doing their bit to help out however they can. We're in awe at the incredible job that all the NHS staff have been doing and we definitely agree that they are the true heroes. If you're fit and able and have some spare time on your hands, don't forget to check out how you can help out by being an NHS volunteer yourself!

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