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Oops! Our pricing issue is fixed...


There were changes to our pricing system on the 24th April 2020. Any customer who received a quote from us prior to that date should have their original price honoured, and should be unaffected by the price change.

Unfortunately, due to a technical bug identified by customers on 22nd June 2020, in some cases the customer dashboard did not honour the original price and was displaying a post 24th April 2020 price. This meant that for some customers, this resulted in a slight price increase being displayed on their dashboard. Despite this, our internal system still would have charged the customer the correct price.

Our development team identified the bug causing the issue and provided a fix on the same day.

To clarify once more, we will honour the lower price of the two quotes for any customers that have been affected. We apologise if this has caused any inconvenience, however, this issue has now been resolved.

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