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Let's talk about TV Licence


Why is it good to include a TV Licence in your Fused package?

Normally you are required to pay the £154.50 fee as one sum for the year when you move in to your property. With Fused the cost is distributed across your tenancy (and across your housemates!) and will be included in your monthly payment. This means you don’t need to foot the bill at the point of moving in and lack cash for an entire month. Get your free quote without commitment here.

Why do I need one?

The law says that:

A TV Licence is required to watch or record TV programmes as they are being shown on TV or live on online TV service, or to download or watch BBC programmes on demand, including catch up TV, on BBC iPlayer. This applies regardless of the channel and device being used, and how it is received (terrestrial, satellite, cable, via the internet or in any other way).

Simply put, you need a TV Licence to watch ANY live TV, that is on a TV set, on iPlayer, from a recording and to use BBC iPlayer. It applies to any channels for live TV and no matter what device you are using (TV set, computer, mobile, games console etc.). You can watch other catch-up services (other than BBC iPlayer), such as All4, My5 and ITV Hub as long as you don’t watch live TV on them. For example, you need a licence to watch new episodes of Game of Thrones on Sky Atlantic in its scheduled show time but you can watch them later that night through catch-up or on NOW TV.

If you live in a shared household, do you trust all of you to follow the TV Licence law? If not, for peace of mind and convenience add a TV licence to your Fused package.

Do I need a TV Licence to watch subscription video on demand?

For any subscription services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime you are not required to have a TV Licence. Similarly, if you buy a digital copy of a film on Youtube and other websites, you are not obligated to have a TV licence just as you wouldn’t if you were to play a DVD or Blu-ray.

What am I missing if I don’t have a licence?

It’s not just the live coverage of breaking news. Wanna watch the new season of The Apprentice? Need a TV licence. Remember The Great British Bake Off? Only with a TV licence. You can forget about seeing stars of upcoming films on The Graham Norton Show. No more Come Dine With Me, no more Dinner Date and say goodbye to Made in Chelsea too. See what you’re missing out on?

At Fused we also have some great TV packages you can include such as Virgin Full House Movies bundle, which includes over 230 channels and all the Sky Cinema channels in HD you need to choose a film for a movie night that suits all your housemates. If you are a big sports fan, you might want to opt for the Full House Sports bundle, with which you will never miss a game of your favourite team again. Alternatively, opt for the VIP bundle to get the best package possible, with over 260 channels and all the Sky channels in HD. Get your free quote here.

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