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Insanely inventive student hacks

Student Life

Students can be so creative when it comes to saving money, avoiding cleaning and surviving all student struggles in general! We have collated our top ten favourite creative student hacks so carry on scrolling and let us know if you have a better one!

  • Always a Clean Hob

If you hate cleaning the hob as much as we do, this is a lifesaver. Foil up and fry away!

  • Keep Your Plates Clean Too

This one is only for the hardcore individuals out there. If you want to take it to the next level, spread cling foil over your plate before you put your food on it and you can save yourself unnecessary washing up.

  • Moving House Easily

The worst part about moving houses is having to pack everything just to unpack it all at a different place. Are you staring at your closet horrified how much clothes you actually own thinking it is going to take you a week to fold all that up? What if we told you there’s an easier way of packing your clothes without getting all your precious shirts dirty? Take some leftover (but unused and clean!) bin bags, wrap them around a bunch of hangers, tie a knot and you’re ready to move!

  • Freeze Your Wine

A bottle too big? If you can’t finish a bottle of wine in one go (we won’t judge) don’t worry! Pour the rest of your heavenly grape juice into an ice cube maker and save $$$ on your next bottle!

  • Never Lock Yourself Out Again

Lost your key and just need to go out with the bins? Worried that the wind will slam the door before you are back in the house? Use a rubber band to keep the latch bolt in - quick and easy fix!

  • Protect Your Laptop

You can recycle an old egg tray to prevent your laptop from overheating - saving the environment and your belongings all at the same time!

Top Tip: Stacking multiple egg trays one each other can also elevate the screen closer to your eye level, easing neck pains! Tall people, you understand! 🦒 

  • The Pub Crawl Must Go On!

These guys ain’t scared of nothing!

  • Save $$$ on a shower curtain

Tired of flooding the bathroom after every shower but really can’t be bothered to go get a new shower curtain from Wilko? Don’t want to spend extra money on hooks? Clothes hangers will do!

  • Make Most of Every Situation

Now we admit this last one might not be that realistic here in Britain but you never know. Isn’t it genius?!

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