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How to nail your student duties

Student Life

Chores, money issues, bills... Nobody likes that! Luckily, we're here to help with super useful tips to become a student superhero on all fronts! 

It’s not just about hitting those high firsts in all your assignments but also in how you manage the boring yet important life responsibilities, such as bills, cooking and cleaning. Not exactly your forte? Don’t despair, we’ve got you covered with our top 5 tips on how to ace this boring side of student life.

  • Actually go to lectures

We know, we know a 9am after a night out is a struggle. Next time you think about bailing on that boring lecture, though, consider how much more time it will take you to reCap it online or how much effort it takes to decipher your friend’s hand-written notes. Do you need a better reason to go to more of your lectures? Just know that attendance is usually one of the few variables that are factored in at the end of your studies if you do sit on the fence between a first and upper-second. So, sitting through somebody talking at you in the lecture theatre might be worth a better degree for you in the end! Bargain!

  • Learn to cook a meal or two

Yes, you can rely on meal deals and take-outs but it won’t be good for your health nor for your wallet. Try learning a couple of quick and easy meals to whip up and take into Uni with you for a lunch break? Start with pasta (obviously) and work your way up to curries, chillies and fajitas - there are plenty of great recipes online. If you really want to challenge yourself and impress your friends too, team up and make a Sunday roast for the house!

  • Manage your student bills

Bills are the sore spot for all students as living in a shared house or flat can get messy. Why not make things easier by using a student bills company like Fused? We can manage all your utilities for you (including super-fast WiFi!) and split the bills equally so that you don’t have to worry about not paying the bills on time and owing each other money. That means less stress and more time for perfecting that roast! To get a free quote, click here.

  • Simply budget

Carrying on from our previous point, budgeting is essential in becoming a student superhero. You have to pay your bills and eat no matter what, so make sure you don’t waste your entire student loan in the first month on nights out. It may be fun for the first few weeks but surviving on dry bread for the rest of the semester most definitely will not be. There are plenty of free apps for your phone and budget calculators online to help you keep tight to your set budget. Start with the recurring expenses like bills and travel costs to get an idea of how much you can afford to spend on food, drink, entertainment and the odd cheeky ASOS shop.

  • Keep your pad tidy

A clean home is a happy home, so they say. When living with other students in a flat or house, it is common courtesy to clean up after yourself. Nevertheless, it might sometimes feel like the flat never stays clean after you just spent your valuable procrastination time on it. That’s why it may be helpful to set up a rota to keep communal spaces, such as the kitchen and bathroom, presentable and tidy. That way, you always know who to keep accountable.

Share any top tips that have helped you survive student life! #studentsurvival

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