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Finding more time for fun at University

Student Life

Going to university is a big life decision and completed studies do open up a whole new world of lucrative careers. However, whilst striving for that first class degree of your dreams is admirable, if the only memories you have to look back on are of the deadlines and the library, then you just haven’t had the full experience (at least, in my opinion).

University is about so much more. Gaining full independence, meeting people from different backgrounds, trying new things, and making new friends and memories which will, hopefully, last a lifetime.

So, here are some simple top tips to help give you as much free time as possible…

Be organised

As a student, it’s easy to find yourself struggling for time or money (and quite often, both!). Naturally, the choice between daily chores and something you enjoy is a no-brainer. But if you’re organised it’s possible to manage both...

Cooking, for instance. Why prepare something different every night from scratch? Instead, prepare good food in bulk and freeze the rest for later. This way, after a week, you’ll have enough meals for at least another week, and at hardly any extra effort. Less time in front of the cooker, washing up, and cleaning equals more free time, lower household bills and fewer hours in the gym burning off ready-meals!

Where study is concerned, try to get into a routine. That way, you should be able to keep some evenings and weekends free, even during final year. Starting early means an early end to the day, and always leaves some wiggle room in case you do get distracted. Try switching your phone to flight mode, or off entirely – it’ll help you to focus. By being disciplined, you’ll have more time to do the things you really enjoy.

If you struggle being organised, team up

Have a go at taking it in turns to cook for your housemates (letting someone else do the washing-up on your night, of course!). This way you’ll have to do less food shopping and will spend fewer evenings cooking and clearing up. Plus, it’s a great way to take some time out with your housemates from studying. You’ll get to try different things and learn to cook a few new recipes too – which always goes down well on a date!

Helping each other out is a must when it comes to cleaning. Nobody is pleased with their decision to neglect cleaning the house when it comes to getting their deposits back at the end of the year... Instead, make a weekly rota and take it in turns to clean different parts of the house.

Perhaps think about adding a forfeit for those who don’t keep up, otherwise, the whole thing can go out of the window pretty quickly!

When it comes to paying your student household bills it's time to team up as well. Instead of wasting your time chasing that housemate that never pays, sign up to a bill splitting service instead. Companies like Fused Bills allow housemates to pay all their student bills in one automated monthly payment and split the cost equally between housemates. Paying bills to one company rather than six is an obvious winner. But not having to chase everyone for their share of the money also saves time, hassle and ends those awkward conversations that no one wants to have. You can get a quote from us at

Look after mind and body

I don’t mean this in a spiritual sense (although, why not?) but making sure to get enough sleep and eating healthily will make you more efficient. From experience, spending hours hunched over your desk generally doesn’t prove the best way to get the work done. Try breaking study periods up to give your brain a chance to rest and absorb information. A short TV episode, chat with a housemate, or a quick scroll of Facebook tends to do the trick, with the extra benefit of making a day’s work much more bearable. On top of this, to improve your attention span and alertness, make sure to get enough sleep. Reliance on caffeine is not a long term solution and also messes up your sleeping habits when you do finally get to bed. Exercise is also really important; a motivated body equates to a motivated mind.

The reward of all this? Less time studying! Like many other things in life, uni work is all about quality, not quantity.

Hopefully, these common-sense tips will help you spend less time at your desk, and more time getting the most from your university experience. Give them a go!

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