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Festival survival kit

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Ahead of Glastonbury Festival next week, let’s discuss what you NEED to pack in order to survive a music festival. Besides not forgetting the essentials (ID, your ticket, money and phone), here are some of the useful things you might not think about taking with you but will 100% make your 'fest' experience so much better! 

  • Mighty power bank charger

Although there are always dedicated phone charging facilities at these events, the queues and the effort are not worth your valuable time! Take a powerful charger or two that you can keep in your bag and let your phone charge whilst you’re raving to the tunes of your favourite band!

  • Ear plugs and sleeping eye mask

If you’re a hardcore all-nighter kind of dancer, you will need an eye mask and earplugs in order to get any sleep in when you’re finally going to bed (aka sleeping bag) at 6 in the morning. The sun is already up, what?!

  • Waterproof blanket

You know how the weather is - sunny, then rain pours, then sunny again… You will be thankful for a blanket that you can sit on without getting your bum wet when you want to take a break for some food or drinks. It also makes the evening social bonding on the ground with your newly-found friends that much more enjoyable.

  • Clean clothes for the journey home

You, as well as the poor people sharing a train or a bus ride with you home, will be grateful for this tip! Don’t be that smelly odd individual, from whom everyone needs to sit away! Keep one set of clothes unworn so you can feel like a functioning human being (at least on the outside).

  • Bag for dirty clothes

In order to be able to achieve our previously raised point, you will need to remember to pack a bag for all the muddy clothes. This way, you will avoid reaching into your bag for a fresh pair of trousers and only to find a dirty mess instead.

  • Toilet roll, wet wipes and hand sanitiser

Purely for good hygiene habits, it’s always safer to keep tissues or some loo roll on you as toilets at music festivals tend to get quite icky. Hand sanitiser and wet wipes then come in handy for quick spruce-ups and many other occasions. You’ll see.

  • Duct tape

Trust us on this one - in one way or another, you will have a use for it in the end 

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