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Fancy a TV bundle?


With Fused, you can upgrade your Sky broadband (for more information on broadband, click here) to include a TV bundle as well. If you enjoy watching a lot of films, sports or just like having the telly on in the background but you are not sure which bundle is right for you, just keep reading but don’t forget that you will need a TV Licence (for more information, click here).

Sky TV bundles


In addition to 240 Freeview channels, you will get 35 of Sky’s most popular channels including Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, E!, Comedy Central and Syfy as well as Catch up TV if you ever miss your favourite programme.


With 240 Freeview channels, Catch up TV and over 80 Sky channels of News, Lifestyle, Documentaries, kids and music shows, including National Geographic, MTV Hits and Eurosport, the Variety bundle offers the most versatile range of channels.


The Family bundle includes all Sky channels (excluding Sports + Cinema unless requested), such as Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Comedy Central, Syfy, National Geographic, Eurosport, FOX, MTV channels, Discovery Channel, as well as 240 Freeview channels and Catch up TV.

In addition to whichever Sky bundle you choose, you can upgrade with Sky Cinema and/or Sky Sports channels. Alternatively, you can also opt for other extra add-ons, such as Asia Pack for £15/month, and MUTV (Manchester United TV), Chelsea TV or Liverpool for £7/month. Lastly, if you want to watch different Sky channels in different rooms in your house, get Additional Viewing Cards for £12 extra per month per box.

For pricing and any further questions about our TV bundles, please get in touch with our customer support on 0191 622 0097.

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