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Complete Moving-in Guide Part 2

Student Life
Part 1 of our handy Moving-in Guide helped you prepare for this moment - the move-in day! Now what?! Don’t you worry, we’ve got your back, these are all the things that need sorting after your move.

Check the property checklist and take photographic evidence

First things first, take a photo - not a selfie but photographic evidence of the state of the house or flat. It is important you do this and keep the photos safe for when you are moving out in case you get into an argument about what damage you did or did not do with your landlord. Having a hard proof means nobody can hold you accountable for that stain on the curtains or scratches on the cupboards. Similarly, make sure you go through the property checklist of all the amenities and appliances provided with the house as well as their state. If the checklist says that your washing machine is squeaky clean but in reality, it is covered in dirt or there are cushions missing on the sofa, talk to your landlord or letting agent as they might charge you for these things at the end of your tenancy. 

Do a deep clean

There’s nothing like the feeling of a deep-cleaned house. Don’t get fooled, even if your house should come professionally cleaned for you, there will always be dust in the kitchen cupboards and everything will get a bit dirty when unpacking all your boxes. Make sure you clean your wardrobe before putting all your nicely folded clothes in the first time and continue room by room until you’re happy with the state of your new pad. We promise it will be all worth it!

Know where your electricity and gas meters are and take regular readings

If you haven’t already, search for your gas and electricity meters and take your initial reading. You will need to send it to your utility companies or Fused if you are with us and continue taking regular monthly readings in order to stay on top of your usage. If you’re hesitant about where to find your meters or how to take readings, please navigate here.

Set ground rules with housemates

As much as it’s important to spend some time bonding with your new housemates, make sure to also sit down and set ground rules for the house. From creating a cleaning rota to being clear on when and how to pay the bills, certain things need to be agreed upon. Don’t forget that with Fused, you can avoid housemate drama by splitting your bills fairly between each of you so take a minute to get your free quote here. For more tips and advice on how to do survive your housemates, click here.

Apply for Council Tax Exemption if you haven’t already

If all of you in the house are full-time students, you will be exempt from paying Council Tax. You can apply for your exemption here but remember to have a Council Tax Exemption Document from your University at hand along with some contact details for each of your housemates. The process takes up to a couple of weeks to process so it is essential you get this sorted as soon as you can as if you fail to prove you are a student to the Council, you can face a very high penalty fee.

Buy essentials

This one might be a given but you should think about going out to get the essentials, such as toilet paper, washing up liquid, paper towels, and cleaning products, on your move-in day. It will make your settling stage so much easier and you can focus on making friends with your new housemates instead!

Buy a TV Licence

Trust us on this one, get a TV Licence. It might seem like you will not need it if you don’t have a TV set but you don’t want to miss out on gems, such as The Great British Bake Off and The Apprentice! To make your life easier, make sure to include TV Licence in your Fused package and you will be able to pay it gradually instead of in one go. For more information on TV Licence, read our dedicated blog.

Change your GP if you moved far

It is advised that you change your GP if you have moved far away from your previous address. As much as it can feel like a hassle now, you will be happy should you ever need urgent help. To find your nearest GP office, please navigate here.

Find out your rubbish collection day

One last advice we have for you - check when your bins are collected. This website will take you to your local council’s site, where you can find this out and get much more helpful information. Get organised and make your life easier!

We believe that with our moving-in guide you can move property without an issue. Should you have any questions, however, check our FAQ’s or contact our dedicated customer support team at 0191 622 0097 or [email protected] who will be happy to help you!

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