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Catch that mouse!

Student Life

Emily has been a trusty Fused customer, since 2017. She was so kind to share her experience with us and we are excited to share her Fused journey with you! If you want to join the Fused family, click here to get your free quote today!

Finding Fused bills...

Emily first heard of Fused from one of her flatmates back in 2017 who saw Fused featured in an email from the University. They wanted to be clever and get their bills sorted quickly and easily instead of arguing about splitting bills among them and owing each other money so they decided to sign up online with Fused Bills. Since they knew nothing about sorting utilities as they were renting for the first time, “it seemed like the easiest and simplest solution,” says Emily. After their 12-month contract expired, they decided to renew as “everything worked pretty well throughout the year and we even got a refund for energy we didn’t use.”

“We had to replace one flatmate but everything was handled smoothly by Fused so that was great!”

How can we help?

When you sign up with Fused Bills, you don’t need to worry about sorting all your different bills on your own. At the start of your tenancy, just choose which bills (including gas, electricity, water, TV licence and high speed WiFi) you would like to include in your package and our team will take care of setting everything up for you. Less hassle and stress whilst moving! Moreover, Fused offers unlimited energy, meaning you don’t have to keep an eye on how much you are using. “It is less stress for us,” says Emily.

“It was all sorted automatically without fuss!” Emily recommends.

Students will survive!

We know students have to get through a lot, from getting up for 9am lectures to dealing with impossible landlords. We asked Emily if she had any student survival story to share and she delivered indeed!

“I was rather proud of how we dealt with our mouse issue - didn’t have to call parents or anything, just laid traps and cheese bait to catch them!”

Well hats off to you, Emily!

Would you recommend Fused?

Since Emily is such a Fused pro by now, we have asked her who she would recommend Fused Bills to. She said, “all students who don’t want the hassle of bills and multiple payments per month to make themselves.” If you are tired of being the chosen person to deal with all the bills and you are moving house, get your free quote here or give us a call, our friendly team is always happy to help.

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