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Student Life

We love hearing from our customers about how Fused has helped make surviving University that little bit easier; So we met up with some of them to find out for ourselves...

Meet Steph, one of our lovely Fused customers living in Cambridgeshire in a busy house of 6! Let’s find out how Fused has helped her

Hey Steph! First things, first - why did you choose Fused?

After being recommended to check out Fused by her flatmate through a recommendation by her friend, Steph said “We searched all the information online, filled out a quote, had a call and it all went smoothly from there. Fused had the cheapest rates, it was all split between housemates so no need to have anyone owing anyone money, the amount doesn't change and is taken on the same date every month so you know how much to budget and when to expect it to be taken and it was all round a super easy set up!”

Although we may not always be the cheapest out there at the time, we do offer unlimited energy which for the price vs the allowance provided from other utility management companies, we come out on top. Splitting bills is a must in busy student homes as it avoids that #awkwardmoment of asking someone you may not know very well to cough up for their share of the bills! Find out more about why you should choose Fused.

So Steph, how did Fused make your life that little bit easier?

“As stated before, you know the amount you are paying monthly and on the set date. It was really simple to set up and the staff were friendly and helpful. We had a slight issue with our broadband and TV, but this was quickly rectified and didn't cause us any stress at all. Any issues we had were dealt with quickly and effectively. We didn’t even know a bill spitting company existed, it’s so much easier! We don’t have to worry about paying more if we want to take a long shower!”

Having a set monthly price that can be taken on a day of your choosing, makes life so much easier as you don’t have the worry of multiple bills coming through your door and having to organise payment between your housemates. Our excellent customer support team are on hand 6 days a week to deal with any questions or issues you may have.

Our campaign is all about tips to surviving Uni - tell us your #StudentSurvival Story:

“During December when it was the coldest week of the year, our boiler blew up not once, but twice! On Friday, the ancient boiler packed up in the morning and we had no hot water or heating that afternoon it got revived and parts replaced, by the later afternoon it blew the fuse and overall died! We had the whole weekend of it being -3 in the house, thankfully our landlord had 3 electric heaters which we put in the living room and all huddled under blankets all weekend or lived in the library for warmth. When it comes to hot water... well.. those of us who had a gym membership was the lucky ones”

I mean, -3 isn’t what you want is it! Although we can’t promise your boiler isn’t going to blow up, we can promise you unlimited energy, meaning no more huddling like penguins to keep warm in the winter months.

Finally Steph, who would you recommend Fused to and if you could make it better, what would you do?

“Any students in a big student house! It was easy to set up and saves any stress and drama over money! Have more options for packages, like if you wanted an upgraded TV package to get more channels or the company you want to go with (eg. Sky instead of Virgin)”

Luckily enough, we do have the option to upgrade your TV package to get more channels, simply ring up and ask our sales team, they will be able to upgrade you straight away!

So there you have it, you heard it here first - any students who want to avoid stress and drama over money, Fused is who you need in your life.

Get your no ties to quote today and let us be a part of your #studentsurvival

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