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Best podcasts to listen to right now

Student Life

It seems that everyone has their own podcast these days, but which ones are really worth it? We are bringing you 7 of the best podcasts to listen to right now.

An intriguing one - Imagined Life

An immersive podcast that will let you walk in the shoes of a famous person but will keep you on the edge till the end for you to guess who you have become. Through this unique way of storytelling, you can imagine you are the person in the story, which allows you to learn about his or her backstory. The best part? As you never really know what you are letting yourself into, there is always an element of surprise.

“Part mystery, part deeply immersive story, and part inspiration for how to weather life’s unexpected trials, Imagined Life shows just how connected we all are.”

A music one - Song Exploder

A music podcast where musicians take apart their songs to explain how they were made piece by piece. Not only do you get to find out what the songs you love are really about but you also get an inside view into how each artist constructs his or her songs, often with a sneak peek into the first versions and baselines of the specific tune. For instance, did you know that many riffs of Metallica’s songs are based on scrap recordings of the band’s rehearsals saved on an iPod?

A real-life talk one - Sh*gged Married Annoyed

If you need an easy listen that will make your day, this ones for you. Stand up comedian Chris Ramsey and his wife Rosie team up to bring you a cheerful podcast about all things life, relationships, arguments and everything in between. Don’t expect boring life advice but lots of laughs and funny stories instead.

A sports one - That Peter Crouch Podcast

For all you football fans out there, you must have been waiting for this. Peter Crouch, Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark take on the podcast challenge to bring you a guide on how to be a professional footballer. With real insights into a footballer's life, this one is not to be missed!

Fun facts one - No Such Thing As A Fish

From the writers of the hit BBC show QI, this podcast is your weekly dose of fun facts. In each episode, the QI elves (Dan Schreiber, James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray & Anna Ptaszynski) share their 7 favourite facts they discovered that week so you are guaranteed to learn something new and interesting (yet possibly a bit useless) every time.

A true-crime one - Casefile

The multi-award-winning true crime-themed podcast that narrates stories of both solved and cold case criminal cases. Hosted by an anonymous Australian man, this podcast will make you restless. Unlike much other crime series, Casefile is scripted and based on police and mass media documents, eyewitness accounts and other existing evidence. Do you dare to listen?

An inspirational one - Dare I Say

A Harper’s Bazaar podcast hosted by Olivia Wilde (yep!) takes on the most pressing issues in unfiltered conversations between two influential women. With guests, such as Jane Fonda and Rosario Dawson, and topics ranging from body positivity to activism, this podcast is full of inspiration.

What are your favourite podcasts? Let us know by tweeting us!

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