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The 6 Steps to Save a Polar Bear

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Do you think polar bears are as cute as we do? Thought so! Read on to learn how you can save one yourself.

If we don’t try to decrease our energy usage soon, then the reality of polar bears becoming extinct grows closer and closer. Polar bears are already classed as 'vulnerable', with only around 22,000-31,000 left roaming the wild. Without the sea, ice polar bears will go without food. As passive hunters, they wait for their prey close to the breathing holes in the sea ice. 

Heating, cooling and lighting our homes all use energy. To help make a difference and reduce the heat and greenhouse gases becoming trapped in the atmosphere, follow our 6 steps below:

1. Make sure the heat isn’t escaping from your room by insulating windows and doors. If you’re renting your house you can do this easily by using draft stoppers on doors or tucking a sheet where you can feel a draft coming through a window

2. Replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs

3. Check your appliances are energy efficient

4. Turn off appliances when you’re not using them

5. Cut down on using appliances when you can, such as drying clothes outside instead of using the tumble drier

6. At Fused, we offer green energy to fuel your home, which is the friendliest energy for the environment! Sign up with us to start making a difference to the planet.

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