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The 4 Steps to a Low-Energy Morning

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If like us you’re not a morning person, and the sound of your alarm clock sounds worse than hearing Dance Monkey on the radio for the 5th time of the day, waking up and getting the day started can sometimes be a struggle. We’ve pulled together a few steps to make sure you start the morning off feeling good by keeping your energy usage low:

  • Hot showers are nice, but they can make you sleepy and the morning is the perfect time to be refreshed with a cold shower. There are lots of other benefits of a cold shower that we’ve put together here. Also, secure a 5 minute lie-in by cutting your daily shower time in half!

  • Don’t keep the tap running whilst you brush your teeth. This one’s an obvious one that parents across the country have been telling us since we can remember, however we’re all guilty of forgetting from time to time. You only need the water running to wash your toothbrush or the sink, 2 minutes of water running during brushing time quickly adds up!

  • Remember to turn off the plugs. If you’ve used the hairdryer, a curling iron or an iron itself then remember to unplug these to avoid wasting energy. Even when appliances are turned off they can still use a small amount of energy daily that adds up to be costly. We've all done the mad dash home at least once in your life when you can’t remember turning the hair straighteners off so this is a helpful habit to get into!

  • Open the blinds to let natural light in. This will mean you can spend less time with the lights turned on, especially in summer! Studies have shown that it’s better for you to wake up with natural instead of artificial light. If your windows don’t allow you to see the sunrise and sunset we’ve got a blog post here for a Lumie light you can buy that mimics this!

  • Wash your hair in the evening and let it air dry, or towel dry it! Hairdryers use a lot of energy, and you’ll save time letting it dry overnight and waking up with dry hair than drying it yourself!

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