Electricity FAQs

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Who supplies my Electricity?

We use Spark Energy to provide your electricity and gas. Spark Energy are a medium sized energy provider, they have lots of experience and specialise in the lettings industry.

Spark Energy is always cheaper than the big 6 energy providers’ standard tariffs, so we can promise you that you’re getting a good deal!

Do I pay any extra for my electricity by going through Fused?

No. Not ever. We make our money back from the companies we work with, so we never charge you more than you would pay if you went direct.

What is my electricity allowance?

This depends on the size of your house, and how many people live there. Your electricity allowance will be stated in your breakdown and shown in kWh. This will show you how much electricity you can use before you will be billed for going over the usage.

Although it isn’t an unlimited allowance, we know students tend to be in the house a lot more, so it is a generous one!

How is my allowance calculated?

We calculate your allowance based on the number of people living in your house. The more people living in your house, the more people using things that need electricity.

We also give you 15% extra in your electricity allowance as we know students tend to be in the house a little more that non-students.

But don’t worry if you’re energy efficient and come under your allowance, then you’ll get any of the money you’ve not used back!

What happens if I’m over/under my allowance?

If you’re over your allowance – we will get in touch to let you know how much over you are and what that costs. But don’t worry! Our allowances are very generous so it’s unlikely you’ll go over.

We’ll also get in touch every month to check your meter readings and let you know how much energy from your allowance you used that month!

If you’re under – Fantastic! Well done, we will get in contact at the end of the contract to let you know and debit all the money you’ve not used from your Direct Debits back to the lead tenant (if you use Bill Share this money will be refunded equally to all tenants).

Do I need to cancel my old electricity supplier?

No, not at all – we’ll take care of all of that. We may just ask you a couple of questions about who your provider is so we can get in touch with them!

How long does it take for my electricity to transfer to Fused Bills?

It can take up to 21 days for your electricity to transfer into Fused Bills name.

The only possible delay would be if your current supplier objects to the transfer. This would happen if there is a debt on the property, you’re on a fixed contract or your supplier hasn’t been told that you are leaving. Don’t worry – if any of this happens we will let you know immediately about the short delay and you won’t be without electricity during the transfer period.

Why have I received an electricity bill from someone else?

This will most likely be a final bill from a previous supplier or previous tenant. If you do receive anything like these please do send any correspondence to us.

The easiest way to resolve this is to take a photo of the bill and email us and we’ll sort it out support@fusedbills.co.uk

Do I have to give meter readings?

We always ask for meter readings, as they’re the one way to be 100% sure how much gas and electricity you have used. We will make sure we have meter readings at the start of your contract and at the end, so everyone knows exactly how much you’ve used throughout the period.

We also recommend giving us meter readings on a monthly basis, then we can let you know how much gas you’re using and make sure you’re on track to be under your allowance.

How do I provide meter readings?

It’s up to you.

Every house has a meter somewhere. You just need to make a note/take a picture of the reading on your meter and drop it over via email to support@fusedbills.co.uk, what’s app or upload it to your online dashboard.

We’ll process it within a few days, and you can check your dashboard to see how much energy you have used.

What are my unit rates?

Energy usage is calculated in kilowatt hours (kWh). A kWh is a unit of measurement which is equal to using a 1000 watt appliance for 1 hour.

To put this in context 1 kWh is about the equivalent of leaving a 100 watt light bulb on for 10 hours or watching TV for seven hours.

Most households have to pay a small standing charge per day to receive gas and electricity (this is because all energy companies have to pay fixed costs to supply each house).

Your electricity rates:
Daily Standing Charge: 10-20p
Price per kWh: 13.5p – 14p per kWh

Who do I call in a power cut?

Firstly, check whether your neighbours are also experiencing a power cut. If they aren’t, your fuse box may have tripped. To solve this, contact your landlord or managing agent.

If your power cut still isn’t sorted out, contact your area distributor. You can find your local number here.