TV Licence FAQs


How much is a TV licence?

Overall, a TV licence fee for one year will cost £145.50. As a part of your monthly bill, this will cost about £12.13 between your house.

Don’t worry – we won’t charge any management fee’s, unlike some bill splitting companies, so it will be the exact same price as if you went direct.

Why do I need a TV licence?

If you watch or stream any live TV on your laptop, tablet, phone, or any device, then you need to get a TV licence – it’s the law! If you only watch TV on demand or on Netflix, then you don’t need to get one.

What does my TV licence cover?

Getting your TV licence means that you can watch or stream live TV on any of your devices. Whether it’s your TV, laptop, tablet or your phone, you’re covered.

What do I do if someone contacts me about my TV licence?

The TV Licensing Company often send out reminder letters to make sure that people pay. If you are contacted after the first month from your start date, send over photos of the letter to us and we’ll make sure this gets straightened out for you!

If you haven’t taken out a TV licence through Fused and don’t believe you need to pay for one, you will need to contact them directly.