Competitions & Giveaways

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Ugh, bills companies: we know they’re all take, take, take! This is why we like to be different. At Fused Bills we appreciate our customers, and we want them to know it!

As well as giving 90% of our customers who submit meter readings money back at the end of their contract, we also like to say thank you, and give a little back whenever we can. Below are current competitions and giveaways we’re running, and a collection of our favourites so far in 2017.

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Fused Festive Feats

As a thank you to our customers this year, we sponsored four Fused Festive Feasts.
Over a few days in December our little helpers visited customers to wish them a Merry Christmas and secretly placed winners’ wreaths on four random doors. Customers who found these wreaths and tagged themselves in facebook posts received a Christmas dinner on us!

Flash for Cash

We wanted to see what our customers got up to and give them a little something in return. Flash for Cash asked customers to send in the best photo they’ve taken from their time at uni and the photo with the most likes and shares won £750. Warwick Devils were the final winners with and amazing 2,290 shares and 837 likes!

Fused Fun Box

When our customers sign up they can decide between a sensible free gift (£35 off their first bill), or a fun free gift (the Fused Fun Box). This year our Fun Box included a disco projection light with speakers, piñata, beer pong, alcohol miniatures and various fancy dress. Opposite are some of our favourite pictures sent in by customers enjoying their fun box.

Sign up, Spin & Win

As a reward for being super organised, we offered all customers who signed up before their tenancy start date in September the chance to sign-up, spin and win. All customers who signed up during these weeks won a variety of prizes including a week’s supply of Domino’s and a hot tub party!

School’s Out, Bubbly’s Out!

To help students celebrate their final exams we headed down to a number of exams halls with bottles of bubbly and buckets of ice. Celebrating or commiserating, the Fused team were there to make everything better with drinks in hand.

Random Acts of Kindness

During exam period we thought students deserved the occasional random act of kindness! The Fused team searched the streets for deserving students and gave them little red envelops with a number of pick me ups, ranging from a coffee in the library to a round of drinks in the students union.

Sizzlin’ Summer

One particularly hot day we thought we’d treat our customers to some free ice pops in the park. So we posted on our social media channels and boom, free ice pops for everyone who turned up. Sometimes it’s the simple things that work… if you’d like to be the first to find out about our competitions and giveaways join our mailing list or follow us on our social channels.