“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” – or so we are told… And Christmas is a magical season: time with family and friends, good food, catchy songs, and presents, presents, presents! However, this last item can be a source of either great joy or serious disappointment, depending on the gift. We took to Reddit (curator of all things weird and wonderful) to find some of the worst Christmas gifts ever received.

From the disappointing…

1.disappointing screenshot

To the plain bizarre!

2.bizarre screenshot

Some of them were great Christmas presents (once upon a time)…

3.weregreat screenshot

And others never could be.

4.nevergreat screenshot

Presents should surely be a little more personal than this:

5.morepersonal screenshot

Although also not too personal…

6.toopersonal screenshot

But some effort is really required!

7.requireseffort screenshot

Joke presents are rarely appreciated

8.joke screenshot

And there are some presents you just wish you would never see again (again!)

9.neversee screenshot

And finally there are some presents that are never appropriate, at any time of year!

10.neverappropriate screenshot

What are the worst Christmas presents you’ve ever received? Please name and shame in the comments box below.



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