Posted on Apr 29, 2019

First-time renting made easier #studentsurvival

We love hearing from our customers, their stories, experiences and what led them to Fused Bills! Today, we have Ashleigh’s study to share with you and it’s a gooden!

How it all started…

Ashleigh discovered Fused Bills simply online. Having finished her first year of uni and surviving the horrors of student halls, she was about to move into her first shared house with 5 other girls. They didn’t have any experience with paying bills and hence didn’t want to fuss with all these different utility companies. Searching online, Ashleigh came across the Fused Bills website and it was clearly the best option for her and her upcoming flatmates. One fixed monthly bill, equally split among all tenants with unlimited energy - what is there not to like?

‘Me and the five other girls didn't wanna stress or argue with each other for leaving the heating on too long or avoiding the tumble dryer by using too much electricity. Along with the amazing value we get for the actual prices of the bills as well, it just seemed like the best option overall,’ Ashleigh says.

The option to choose the date that you pay for all your bills at once every month appealed to her. The only commitment was to regularly take a photo of their meter reading and upload it on their easily accessible online account. No biggie! Ashleigh says it really takes the stress off her mind and she can focus on what really matters - her uni work and having fun with her friends. ‘I love the unlimited energy too as I don’t have to worry about running around turning lights off after my flatmates. My friends always need to keep a close eye on the meter to keep track of energy use, whereas our house is known as ‘the warm house’. No need to say we always have someone round ours.

Story time...

Unfortunately, even when you’ve got your bills covered there are still things that can go horribly wrong in the house and Ashleigh has got quite the student survival story to share. ‘I’m most proud of the time we survived a gas leak and a broken front door. The gas leak was handled expertly. We called the technician and he came almost immediately and changed over our gas reader. After informing Fused support, they were glad we let them know what happened.’ Don't forget our Customer Support is here to help 6 days a week 9-5! ‘Support has always answered quickly and efficiently!’, Ashleigh recommends.

The story continues. Life has funny ways sometimes. As if gas leak wasn’t enough for one day, the front door broke and nobody could get out!

‘We were stuck in the house for a couple of hours with no back exit, might I add. We had to leave through the front window!’ Whilst practising for the next Ninja Warrior might sound like fun, Ashleigh didn’t want to rely on her unhelpful landlord any longer and decided to fix the front door herself. We applaud the student self-efficiency! Ashleigh couldn’t believe her own handywoman skills but her technique worked! ‘We were free.’

Finally, who should join the Fused Bills family?

Ashleigh says: ‘I would recommend it to all my uni friends. Fused Bills really saves arguments and tiffs around the house should you find a light switch left on (how frustrating).’ We couldn’t agree more so if you are moving into a new house, want to save yourselves troubles with bills and have more time for fun, click here to get your free quote!

What is your best student survival story? Tweet us, we’d love to share!

Posted on Apr 29, 2019