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The Fused blog is written for students, by students, providing you with all the advice you need, from how to deal with “that” housemate, to energy saving tips, to which Netflix series to binge! [google-reviews-pro place_name=’Fused Bills’ place_id=ChIJvbFpJB5ceUgRJk50VPcaIqc auto_load=true rating_snippet=true sort=3 place_photo=https://fusedbills.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/£_Icon_106x106.png view_mode=badge_left lazy_load_img=true]

Need a helping hand tackling utilities?

Are you in the midst of looking for your new student property and keep hearing the term ‘utility bills’ over and over again? Or, have you found your new student property and are trying to organise the utility bills but don’t know where to start? We’re here to guide... read more

The Tastiest £2 You’ll Ever Spend

At uni, it can be hard to know which recipes to cook that won’t break the bank when your skint in January. That’s why we’ve put together a few relatively easy to prepare recipes that are all under £2 per portion… yes £2 per portion! There’s not a spag bol or beans on... read more

How to Survive Dry January

Fish & Water… Students & Alcohol…It’s the same concept, right? Yes, I’m being that dramatic. From my experience at university, alcohol feels like a bit of a lifesaver for students; it helps us survive the social demands of the new environment, and erase the... read more

Places to add to your New Year’s Eve bucket list

It’s the big one: New Year’s Eve. Maybe you’ve always thrown together legendary plans and are looking to top them this year or maybe you’re sick to death of your NYE being DOA. Fear not! We have compiled a handy guide of the best places to raise a toast to and kiss... read more

The Very Worst Christmas Presents

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” – or so we are told… And Christmas is a magical season: time with family and friends, good food, catchy songs, and presents, presents, presents! However, this last item can be a source of either great joy or serious... read more

Tips for revising over the Christmas break

The Christmas break is a perfect time to catch up with family, see old school friends, and stuff your face with no guilt attached. It is the first major holiday, if we do not count Reading Week, that you are reunited with your family after the start of university. Of... read more

The Student’s Christmas Gift Guide

It’s December, and you’re panicking. You have what seems like a million deadlines, a host of different Christmas meals to attend and you haven’t booked your ticket home yet… the stress is real! And then it suddenly dawns on you: it’s officially time to think about... read more