OK, we get it, bills are complicated and boring...

We’re on a mission to make bills simple so we’ve put together a short, simple guide of everything you need to know.

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What are household bills?

You may have heard of the term utility bills before. Utilities are the services that are considered necessary to operate a home or business. In general they include gas, electric and water.

To keep things simple, we’ll just refer to all the bills you need to pay when you move into rented accommodation as household bills. Household bills cover electric, gas and water, but they also include TV, council tax, broadband and TV licence.

It’s worth noting that some properties don’t have gas and are just electric, you should be able to find this out from your landlord or letting agent. When you move into a new house you’ll need to find providers for all your household bills. When you sort your gas and electric bills you’ll also need to take meter readings.

What are student bills?

Student bills are essentially household bills paid by students – sorry but there aren’t any special offers or discounts here! Remember that real world your parents always told you you’d have to live in? Well, you’ve arrived and it involves paying bills!

The only concession to this is council tax which all full-time students are exempt from paying.

How can I make bills easier?

When it comes to the real world, bills are actually quite simple: you select a supplier and pay for what you use. It’s the researching which provider to go with, the administration of sorting them all out and chasing people for money that’s the hassle.

So, here’s the life hack: did you know there’s something called all-inclusive household bills and bill splitting? That’s what we do at Fused Bills and that is what’s going to make your life easier!

What are all-inclusive household bills?

All-inclusive bills mean paying all your household bills to one company in one payment – bliss! There’s a bit of a myth that people can only get all-inclusive bills from letting agents who’ll charge you the cost of all your bills in your rent. Beware of this vicious rumour! It certainly isn’t true.

If you want all-inclusive bills (and why wouldn’t you?) you can come to a very helpful company like Fused Bills who provide you with an all-inclusive household bills service.

We sort out superfast broadband, TV, electric, gas, water and TV licence for you and all you do is pay one bill a month.

Are all inclusive household bills more expensive?

We’ve also seen some rumours flying around that all-inclusive household bills are more expensive and, to be honest, sometimes they can be.

Some companies charge extra admin fees and don’t shop around to ensure you’re getting the best deal with the best provider. Beware of these companies – there is an alternative!

At Fused Bills, we make our money back from the people who provide your services and never pass any extra costs onto our customers. We also do our research to ensure that you’re getting the best value deal, that’s why we can guarantee your energy will always be cheaper than the Big Six!

What is bill splitting?

Chasing housemates for money to pay the bills is stressful and a massive bother. Splitting the bills between housemates solves this. One bill payment a month, split between the people you live with.

We let our customers decide whether they want to split the bills between housemates or just have one payment. But at a cost of only 35p pp/pw the vast majority of our customers opt-in for this. And as it avoids all the extra hassle and awkward conversations we totally get why.

Interested in getting a quote to see how much all-inclusive bills would be for your household (hint, It’ll be cheaper than the Big Six)? Click here, it only takes a few minutes.

Want to become a bills guru?

Over the years we’ve listened to loads of people ask many questions about bills. So, if you want to become a bills guru like us then we’re here to share the knowledge and our love of bills!

We made a list of our most frequently asked bills questions and picked the top six to answer below. Got any questions we haven’t answered? Check out our full FAQs list here.

When do I need to set up my bills?

It is really important to set up your bills sooner rather than later. This is especially true in regards to your internet as most internet providers have a two-week timescale to get you connected. This can vary greatly depending on the provider and the property. If it’s a busy time period, such as end of August for student properties, the installation time can be longer if a technician needs to be called out to the house.

In the UK it is very unlikely that gas, electricity, water and TV licence will be switched off in between tenancy handovers. Having said this, it is a good idea to have all of your accounts sorted before you move in to the house to ensure everything is set up and ready for the duration of your tenancy.

With Fused Bills you don’t have to spend any time stressing about providers and calling them up. Setting up an account takes just a few minutes online and then we take care of organising all of the accounts and connections for you. You can set up your account as far in advance as you wish and not have to pay anything until you actually move in to the property.

How do I know how much I need to pay?

It depends on what you want to buy! However, a TV licence is a fixed amount, whereas you can choose to buy a fancy expensive package or an easy cheap package for your broadband and TV. With Fused Bills we will choose the best value packages for your needs and will provide you with an exact cost.

Electric, gas and water are meter-based costs so they usually depend on how much you use, and the meter reading will tell us how much you need to pay.

Is TV included in Wifi?

If you would like TV included with your broadband then you can add this at an extra cost with your internet. With Fused Bills we use Virgin Media as a broadband provider, and you have the option to add TV to your broadband package.

Other providers will have various deals on offer which you can find out about by contacting them, but generally they will try and sell you a TV package with your broadband as it is more expensive.

When will all my bills come?

Want to make sure that you’ve got at least a few £’s for when your mate encourages you to go out and step away from the uni responsibilities for a few hours? Well, normally your bills would come through the post dependent on the supplier and could be every month or every few months depending on whether it’s electricity only or gas and water included.

But here at Fused, we’ll keep it simple and it’ll only be one payment once a month so you’ll know exactly when. No nasty surprises!

What internet speed do I need?

The average number of devices per household that require internet access is 5-9 devices and the average UK home broadband speed is 28.9Mbps. But as a student, you’ll be living with quite a few people who also have a number of devices or you’ll have a handful of devices that require broadband yourself. This means you’ll need a higher speed and we use Virgin which has that quickest speed (up to 350 Mb) – an absolute necessity for streaming, downloading and social media posting/stalking!

Can I set up bills independently?

You can’t set up bills independently as bills are per household and not per person. Here at Fused we take the hassle and confusion away by giving you the choice of setting up payments so that your bills are split between housemates (at a small cost of £0.35p pp/pw). This means that each individual in your household is responsible for their own payments so you don’t have to worry about them missing a payment and getting you in trouble!

Can I use bill splitting services if I'm renting?

Yes, tenants have the legal right to decide who provides the services at their property. If you’re not bills inclusive then all tenants who rent can use bill splitting services such as Fused Bills.

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So all-inclusive household bills and bill splitting it is then.

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